Silvia Furmanovich

Exclusivly at Baby Buddha 

Silvia Furmanovich is a Brazilian jewelry designer renowned for her bold and innovative creations. Born into a family entrenched in the world of jewelry, Silvia was immersed in this realm from a young age. Her father was also a jeweler, further fueling her passion and appreciation for the craft.

Silvia Furmanovich's designs stand out for their use of unconventional materials, meticulous attention to detail, and the melding of traditional and contemporary techniques. She is particularly recognized for her innovative use of marquetry, incorporating wood into her jewelry pieces, lending them a unique dimension and unparalleled depth.

Her artistic approach to jewelry has garnered her international acclaim, and her pieces are sought after by collectors and jewelry enthusiasts worldwide. Each piece is a reflection of her love for nature, art, and culture, marrying sophistication with innovation.

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